Is censorship ever justified and what


The Satanic Verses was provocative but it should have been responded to in an appropriate engagement with what he was actually writing.

I haven't seen it but I think it is unfortunate when a play is taken off because of violent protests. Are there cases where media censorship is justifiable?

Of course the Nazis practiced horrible censorship. Is censorship ever justified Cartoon Network was not unaware of the risks; the cartoons were to be plucked from chronological order and shown late at night, as if they were refugees from some hardcore cable channel.

The theatre should be protected at all costs so that we have a free society and we are not imprisoned by the fundamentalists. More freedom has been allowed to the populace over recent centuries and although Censorship for the agencies of commanding a population gives a limited group of people ultimate power.

The right way of dealing with that was for Muslims to have the opportunity to explain why they objected to it. It IS justified, I think, if that radio reporter's rants were to incite violence. There are also times when censorship policies could prevent news outlets from displaying graphic and disturbing images.

Individuals and organizations may engage in self-censorship on their own or due to intimidation and fear.

Also the thought that the work intended to be against a few people should be kept away. They should be opposed by groups or people who can advance an alternative or different view. This does not provide children with good role models. I think it is wrong to take a play off.

Freedom of expression has to be accompanied with responsibility. Like Ali G, it is unclear how much Eminem is expressing his views or reflecting those of a social group he is portraying. Hateful lies disguised as facts are something else.

Is censorship ever justifiable?

BBC intelligence it has been argued since so that kids should non be in the place to be able to put fault on a picture game as a ground for their jurisprudence breakage actions ; many agree that the protection of the immature and vulnerable takes president over what leisure activities grownups feel they should hold the freedom to peruse and that yet stricter regulations need to be implemented to guarantee kids do non go victims of a universe they have limited apprehension of and effects they are still excessively guiltless to grok.

Government entities in Pakistan are most likely trying to pacify certain extremist groups by allowing them to distribute their content. Landier expands his argument by claiming that those who impose censorship must consider what they censor to be true, as individuals believing themselves to be correct would welcome the opportunity to disprove those with opposing views.

Is Censorship Ever Justified and What Are Its’ Limits? Essay

Already people are using it as evidence to show where an incitement to religious hatred bill may lead us, when this play would never be banned under such legislation. Just observe the affect of shouting "fire! Some of these lyrics are such hate-filled incitements to violence that they cannot be treated as mere words and have to be viewed as irresponsible actions that could cause harm.

However, highly developed communication and interpersonal skills are defined by the ability to not only embrace different opinions, but also tactfully confront unfavourable generalisations.

Despite worries about privacy and fraud, people around the world see access to the internet as their fundamental right. Mere offence, no matter how strong, can never be enough to justify banning art which attempts to deal seriously with important issues.

If it was in a community centre, with Sikh people carrying out murder and sexual abuse, I would have been offended but I would not have called for its banning.

How is music used as a political tool? Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. This does not provide children with good role models. They are also both right.

Unfortunately many parents take a relaxed attack and will let their kids to play age restricted games irrespective of the age limitations put in topographic point. If it was in a community centre, with Sikh people carrying out murder and sexual abuse, I would have been offended but I would not have called for its banning.

It was wholly displayed with flawless precision, to the point where the images began to induce an uncontrollable cringe reflex. I think it is wrong to take a play off. Yet, there is a greater issue at stake than whether Warner may lose revenue or whether completists get to enjoy the full complement of Bugs Bunny cartoons.

We cannot suppress our voices just to please fundamentalists. There can be absolutely no sanction whatsoever for lyrics that advocate threatening death against particular groups of people. Some believed that movie was the quickest and most accessible manner for the immature and guiltless to be corrupted and that censoring such movies was a manner of protecting vulnerable people.

It could incite violence against gay people. There is a case for banning them, they probably, in certain contexts, come close to incitement. The law tells me that obscenity may deprave and corrupt, but as far as I know, it offers no definition of depravity or corruption.This play is very provocative to Sikhs and I sympathise really with their feeling of outrage.

Having said that I would certainly not endorse the response of violent coercive censorship. Essay on Is Censorship Justified? Words 5 Pages. Is Censorship Justified?

Ever wondered the reason behind racial discrimination, sexual discrimination, children committing crime or violence? The main reason is that censorship is not properly imposed or there is a need of censorship in the society. Censorship is the suppression of ideas.

Whether censorship is justified is always a controversial issue that attracts great public attention, and views of different people might vary greatly.

When (if ever) is media censorship justifiable?

As far as I am concerned, I tend to think that the censorship in China is somehow justified otherwise how can China developed so rapidly for the.

Any artist who works diligently and has put enormous amount of hard work to bring to life his dream projects, most definitely is aware of the trauma felt when the works finds itself ensnared in the censorship board office. Censorship is a concept which to me is in most cases needless and unjustified.

Is censorship ever justified, if so, what are its limits? Censorship is a means whereby the information people receive is limited, either wholly or in part by another individual or a group or individuals.

Can censorship ever be justified?

The government uses censorship to hide specific information and data from the general population, however, based on human rights, censorship is invading freedom of speech and freedom of expression. The moment you censor someone just once, is the moment you censor everyone out.

Is censorship ever justified and what
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