Results of volar locking plate osteosynthesis for distal radial fractures

Limitations of our study included its retrospective design and non-availability of contra-lateral normal wrist X-ray to assess the actual radial height of that particular patient.

B, Illustration showing the appropriate position of the volar plate within the concavity of the distal radius. Noelle Larson A, Rizzo M.

Arora R, Lutz M, Hennerbi- unstable fractures of the distal port of 20 cases. Careful assessment of injured limb as regards to neurovascular status was noted.


The close proximity of the sigmoid notch to the lunate suggests that injury to this column involves the DRUJ [13].

Thereafter patient is stabilized with intravenous fluids, oxygen and blood transfusion as and when required. Their recommendation was to avoid the use of dorsal plating. The quick-DASH outcome measure consists of 11self-reported questions designed to measure the ability to perform certain routine activities of upper extremity and it is commonly used to assess pre- and post-intervention difference.

Ziran, MD, Jeff O. Injury ; 31Suppl 3: J Hand Surg Am ; Arch Orthop Traum Surg. Arch Orthop Trauma Surg ; 2: The majority of existing comparative studies involve external fixation versus plating, either dorsal or volar, and includes fractures which span the extremes of severity which makes it difficult for the reader to draw any conclusion [29].

Locking plate technology and its applications in upper extremity fracture care. Multicolumn fixation with shearing.

Treatment of unstable distal radius fractures with the volar locking plate

Locking compression plate fixation of distal femoral fracturesC. A preliminary re- Court-Brown CM: Case notes, radiographic assessment and functional outcomes were noted. Strategic Alternatives to Volar Plate Fixation Chapter 3 Figure 5 Illustration A and ra- diograph B of a radial styloid plate used to stabilize an unstable radial styloid fracture and to close an artic- ular gap.

Hence if the VCA of current volar plate designs do not reflect the normal anatomy of the distal radius, anatomical reconstruction may be hindered. Tech Orthop ; fracture model. Gofton and Liew [6] found that radial shortening followed by dorsal comminution were the most important predictors of instability.


A, In this illustration, the position of the volar plate is too distal, placing the flexor tendons at increased risk for irritation from the hardware.Treatment of unstable distal radius fractures with a volar locking plate leads to satisfactory results, provided the operative technique is carefully performed to prevent complications.

Keywords: Complications of locking plate, distal radius fracture, internal fixation, volar. Abstract. Volar locking plating treatment results in fragmented intra-articular distal radius fractures in adults.

Twenty-five patients (14 men, 11 women; mean age, ± years) who were treated with volar locking plates due to distal radius fractures were prospectively studied. Oct 18,  · AIM. To compare the outcomes of displaced distal radius fractures treated with volar locking plates and with immediate postoperative mobilisation with the outcomes of these fractures treated with modalities that necessitate 6 wk wrist immobilisation.

Aug 06,  · Li-hai Z, Ya-nan W, Zhi M, Li-cheng Z, Hong-da L, Huan Y, et al. Volar locking plate versus external fixation for the treatment of unstable distal radial fractures: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.

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Dorsally Comminuted Fractures of the Distal End of the Radius: Osteosynthesis with Volar Fixed Angle Locking Plates ParitoshGogna,1 HarpalSinghSelhi,2 RohitSingla,1 AshishDevgan,1 with volar locking plate [5]. Rozental and Blazar reported.

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Zenke Y, Sakai A, Oshige T, et al. Clinical results of volar locking plate for distal radius fractures: Conventional versus minimally invasive plate osteosynthesis.

Results of volar locking plate osteosynthesis for distal radial fractures
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